Are you a Drab? That's easy enough to know. Do you have a dull, gray complexion? Are you tall and lanky? Have black hair, eyes and lips that are black naturally and not painted on or done that way by being tattooed?

Do you shun originality? Is ubiquity considered among your life's greatest ambitions? Is your heart's desire to please your parents and to rise to your highest potential while not standing out (and this while you're still a teenager)? To serve to the best of your ability, but not to show up anyone else (especially if you're male)? In Men in Black, do you cheer for the Aliens?

Then you're a Drab. Plain and simple. And that makes you our enemy. Sorry. We are dedicated to wiping your species from our planet. Thanks for playing. Now grab your nearest ship and depart to any planet not Earth. Adios! If, however, you can decide to stay here and tolerate us, then you are welcome to stay. We don't mind sharing the planet with you, but the key word is S-H-A-R-E. That's right, share. You have to tolerate us, the way you want us to tolerate you. It's mutual respect. It cuts both ways. If you can't give us the same degree of freedom and opportunity and tolerance, then this planet isn't big enough for all of us, and we are the Earthlings who evolved here.