Sherri’s Worlds, Universes & Characters

You think you know Sherrilyn Kenyon? Her books are just a small part of her writing legacy. Years before she was a novelist, she supported herself by writing and publishing hundreds of short stories and articles, as well as writing plays, advertising copy, jingles and writing and producing music videos. She also wrote public service announcements for television and radio and was an on-air personality for over a decade.

For more than thirty years, Sherri has written many, many series under a number of pseudonyms (many were chronicled in the 1990's on her old sites Strangelit and Strangelet). Since fans are always asking for a full list of all her works and worlds, we wanted to provide one that shows just a small range of her versatility--- she's been published in horror, science fiction, fantasy, suspense, nonfiction, thrillers, westerns, historicals, women's fiction, young adult, children's, inspirational, comics, graphic novels, manga and many more. These are some of the series/stories that ran as short fiction in magazines and anthologies, and others are book series, as well as merchandise and other Menyon goodies.



Hunter Legends™ (

Dark-Hunter® (, Were-Hunter® (, Dream-Hunter® (, Lords of Avalon® (, House of Pendragon™, Nick Chronicles™, Deadman's Cross™, Chronicles of Nick®, Hellchasers™, Hell-Hunters™, Witches of Avalon™, Warlocks of Avalon, Ladies of Avalon™, Ladies of Sanctuary™, Deathseer™, Circle of Avalon™, Mikro Chasers™, Acheron™ ( and Captain Bane™, Death Spawn, Hellmasters, Sea Wolves™, of Avalon™, Apollymi™, Apollymi's Rose™,   BaneSpawn™, Apollymi's Garden™, Daily Inquisitor™, Deadman's Clan™, Dark-Hunter World™, Death Hunter™, Deathspawn™, Dark-Hunter Encyclopedia™,, Demonkyn, Dark-Hunter Club™, Dark-Hunter Academy™, Demonspeak, Devylspawn™, Ghosts of Avalon™, Get Thee Behind Me, Bitches™, Mikro Hunters™,  Monster PirateStyxx™, Grail Hunter, Katoteros, Katateros, Wyrdhunter™, Hunter Dolls™, Immortal Bad Boys™, Veil Walker, Veil Dancer, Spirit Walker, Shadow Walker, Midnight Archer, Welcome to Hel™, Wyrd Hunter™, Wyrd Magic™, Wyrd Warden™, Wyrdward™, Zeitjager™, The Malachai™, Devereaux Sisters, Zombie Alert Network™,  DarkXHunter, Zombie Hunter, The Dragon Society,Witches of Avalon™, Dragonswan™, Dragonswain, Chthonian Language™, Mad, Bad, and Immortal™, Anti Bully Brigade™, Dark Nephilim™, Death-Hunter™, I Am Dark-Hunter, I Am The Chaser, My Dark-Hunter™, Simi™, Nick Prom, Official Sanctuary™, Sanctuary, Simeon Magi, The Howlers™, Dark-Huntress™, Were-Huntress™, Dream-Huntress™, Hell-Huntress, Shadowland Riders™, Shadows of Fire™, Year of Acheron™, Dragons Rising™, The Dollmaker, Varian du Fey™, du Fey, Triple Threat Burdette, Triple B™, Bubba and Mark, Xevikan™, Myone™, CyprianAl-Baraka, Adoni™, Adoni Language, Julian of Macedon™, Charonte™, Club Charonte


The League® ( / Assassins Rising™ (

Nemesis Rising®, Nemesis Legacy®, Space Pirates®, Darling Cruel™, Nykyrian™, League Assassin™, Assassins Rising™, Assassin's Legacy™, Alien Hunters, Tavali™, Tavali League, Tavlian, Sentella™, Alliance Command™, Andarion™, War Hauk™, Death Hauk™, Dread Reckoning™, Erixour™, Fyreblood™, Nemesis Dynasty™, League Academy™, Midnighter Alliance™, League Nemesis™, Moon Hunter, Witch Planet, The Qill™, Qill™, Trisani™, Book of Harmony, Murkjager™, Phrixian™, Nemesis Descent™, League Dynasty™, The Ravengers™, The Reapers, League Descent™, Tirador, League Marauder™, League Rising™, Starhunter Academy, Hell's New Heroes™, Every Life Has Its Price™, Live the League™, Love the League™, Maverick, My Nemesis™, Myrkjager, Starhunter™, Star Hunters, Quiakides™, Pirate Hunter™, eton Anatole, First Plenum, Fyreblood Clan, Kirovar™, Kyr Zemin™, Mack Hinto™, Trigon Court, Overseer's Court, Pontari Academy™, Fighting Blood Clan™, Qillaq™, Wyldestarrin, Ritadarion™, Thrāix™, Tondara, Runner's Den, Trevelyan Dane™, Ryn Dane™, Safir Jari™, Shahara Dagan, Solaras System, C.I. Syn™, Ushara Altaan™, Scythian Age, Maris Xans-Sulle™, Dagan Investment Group, Dagger Ixur™, Ixur™, Darkheart, Derridian, Drux Cruel, Gadgehe Hinto, Galene Batur, Seax, Gyron Force, Hadean Corps™, Jareth Cruel, Nero Scelera™, Jupiter Hinto, Kalea Hauk, Kiloran Temple, Kimmerian Corps, Kildarian, Kill Warrant™, Ichidian Universe, Hermione Dane, Ferral Hauk, Indurari, Indari, Warsword™, Vyrgyl, Azukarian™, Calibrim, Canting™, Chayden Aniwaya™, Club Blood, The League is all™, We Fight Back™, Where the League is Law™, No Pay, No Prey


Silent Swans

Founding Mothers



Enter Nevermore™, Cry Nevermore™, Enter the Nevermore, Nevermore Book Series, Nevermore One, Nevermore Series


Space Outlaws



Brotherhood of the Sword™:

The MacAllisters


Knight Raven:

Raven Spells


Black Swan Society™:

Black Swan Sisters™, Fairy Swan™, Raven Spawn, Ivory Swan, Swan Moon, Blue Moon Witch, Night Spawn, Water Witches, Fyre Witches, Witch Killers


Get Thee Behind Me, Witches™:

Son of a Witch, Daughter of a Witch, The Dollmakers


Book Mages™ (

Book Magus™, Mage Spawn, Book Mage™, Book Meister


Mighty Barnacle™:

My Kenyon™, Strangelit™, Strangelet™, Menyon™, Read it, Love it ™, Nemesis Publications™, Cherice Moon™, Cherise Moon™, Kyle Hunter, Alyx Hunter, Alyx Kenyon, Kinley MacGregor™, Rachel Fire™, Silver McEwan, Kenyon International™, Kenyon Works, Vampire Chick


Cupid Club



BAD Agency™ (



Wolves of Sherwood/ Wolf of Sherwood

Wolf's Head, Brothers in Blood, Brothers of the Red Hood, Ladies of the Scarlet Mantle


Mortal Lands:

House of the Valkyries, House of Loki, Warrior Sanctuary


Thrones of Angels

The Watchers, The Keepers, Swords of Fire, Swords of Ice


Nephilim Legends™ (

Nephilim Hunter™, Nephilim Legacy™, Dark Nephilim, Fallen Nephilim, Legend of the Nephilim™, Lost Nephilim


Deadman's Cross™ (

Deadman's Clan™, Deadmen's Cross™, Deadman's Pirate, Deadman's Quest, Deadmen Tell Their Tales™, Death-Hunter™, Pirate Hunter™, Deruvian, Captain Bane™, Sea Wolves™, BaneSpawn™, Death Hunter™, Deathspawn™, Demonkyn, Demonspeak, Devylspawn™, Monster Pirate, Devyl Bane™, Devyl Spawn™, My Bane


Lady Blackthorn (



Knights And Heroes™ (



Legacy of the Cauldron (

Blue Moon Witch, Night Spawn, Daughter of the Cauldron,  Water Witches, Fyre Witches, Witch Killers,Raven Spells


The Dragon Society™ (



Dread Waters (

Pirates and Zombies


Dragon Alchemy (Dragon Alchemy)

Alliance of Thieves, Dragonslayer's Guild, Dragonslayer's Blood


Battle of Blood (



Darkness Descending (



Dragon Portal (



Dragon Sons (



Legends of Avalon™ (

LordsofAvalon®, House of Pendragon™, Witches of Avalon™, Warlocks of Avalon, Ladies of Avalon™, Deathseer™, Circle of Avalon™, Demonkyn, Ghosts of Avalon, Grail Hunter,Veil Walker, Spirit Walker,Varian du Fey™, du Fey, Lombrey,Shadow Walker, Midnight Archer, Welcome to Hel™, Zeitjager,Witch of Avalon™, Adoni, Adoni Language


Wyrd Chronicles™:

Wyrd Magic™, Wyrd Warden™, Wyrdward™, Wyrd School™, Wyrd1™, Wyrdhunter


Deadman's Hand:

The Widowmaker, The Fool, The Empress, The High Priestess, The Magician


Shadowland Riders™ (

UšumgalluŠarru-Dara, Šarru-Ninim, Ašû-Šarru, Šarru-Namuš, Šarru-Gir, Šarru-Tahazu, Uma-Šarru




Eve of Destruction



Brothers of the Crow



Sisters of the Sun