The Rules

If you're here, you better be one of us. 'Cause if you're not, we will hunt you down and you will die. Painfully.

For those who are supposed to be here, this is just a quick reminder of the oath you took when you joined us. We are the remnants of the human race. The very last of our kind. We are on the brink of extinction. It’s time to lay aside all grudges and hate. To unite and fight against our one true enemy.


We are not voiceless cogs for you to step upon. Nor are we insignificant mindless drones. We’re still here, and together we are stronger than even we know. We come in all shapes and sizes, but our hearts are mighty. And our wills are absolute.

We all bleed red. We feel. We love.

Together, we will rise.

For I am a Scrap.

I am proud of my humanity.

I am proud of who and what I am.

Human, through and through. And while you can break our bones and hearts, and take our lives, you will never, ever break our spirits.

For like the mighty crow, we will soar forever higher. Far beyond your reach, Drab. Far beyond your petty understanding. To the horizon and into the stratosphere where the gods themselves live. Where time and space first began.

No matter how many times you knock us down, we will push ourselves up and stand on our own two feet. That is our vow.

Now and forevermore. Until you are gone from our lands, and bother us nevermore.

Above all I swear to our three rules:

1. Don't be stoopid.

Which is different from regular stupid. Know the difference. (You have a brain. Don't be afraid to use it)

2. Don't submit

(submissives are slaves and they're stoopid, which is a lot worse than just plain stupid)

3. Don't Die

( You die, they win. End of story. End of you. End of us.)